West Side Live! Presents brings performing arts into the community through outreach programs, fulfilling our mission statement:
West Side Live! Presents...nourishing the human spirit, enriching lives, and building community.
As a non-profit, West Side Live! Presents makes music and the performing arts accessible to people from all walks of life.

$1,200 Grant to SPELLBINDERS in Jefferson County - Winter 2014

West Side Live! Presents is proud to announce our Outreach program for the 2013-14 Season: a $1,200 grant to the Jefferson County branch of Spellbinders.

Spellbinders is dedicated to restoring the art of oral storytelling to connect elders to youth, weaving together the wisdom of diverse cultures throughout time. Since ancient times storytellers have told stories to pass on wisdom, engage the imagination and foster community. Spellbinders' storytelling program recreates this age-old tradition, bringing together young and old to create connections, advance literacy and enrich the lives of children and volunteers alike.

Spellbinders trains individuals, mostly 60 and better, in the art of oral storytelling, and places these individuals as volunteer storytellers in schools. Volunteers return to the same classrooms each month throughout the school year, forming strong and caring connections with the school children. Spellbinders’ storytelling brings literacy, art, inspiration and the human touch to both the older adults and the eager listeners.

Elders have the satisfaction of being vital components of the community, passing on beloved stories to the next generation. Youngsters are exposed to people and experiences that expand their knowledge and their outlook on life. The intergenerational connections that are formed knit together community, creating the social capital that builds stronger, more cohesive societies.

"Scars: Breaking the Cycle" - Spring 2013

Decisions are the fabric of life, woven into every aspect that we experience on our journey as we strive to live in this world. Former offenders, who have done their time, paid their dues to society and sincerely seek to turn their lives around, are confronted with changing themselves inside and out. They face the challenge of breaking the cycle.

Red Rocks Community College Theatre Arts and Dance Department, in collaboration with the RRCC College Gateway program, the Denver Foundation, Colorado Creative Industries, and the Terry Stevinson family, presents “Scars: Breaking the Cycle.”

This unique theatre production is based on real-life experiences of Red Rocks Community College Gateway students. According to Catherine Lachman, Director, Gateway is “designed to reduce recidivism and provide positive outcomes for individuals involved with the criminal justice system.” Part of the healing process for Gateway participants is to write about their personal struggles as well as their triumphs. Based upon these writings, this ensemble-based theatre production recreates and narrates these tragic events and the ‘scars’ that are left behind.

“Scars” was performed at the Jefferson Unitarian Church, 14350 W. 32nd Ave., Golden, on April 19, 2013 at 7 p.m. as part of the West Side Live! Presents outreach program and all proceeds were donated to the Gateway program.

ArtSmart Collaboration with Red Rocks Community College - 2012

West Side Live! Presents and RRCC ArtSmart collaborated in co-producing a children’s play entitled, “What Are Friends For?” that also served as an educational project for RRCC students within the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance. ArtSmart was created for the purposes of discovering the importance of the arts in everything and included a huge variety of events and projects throughout this academic year along with this partnership with Westside Live! Presents.

The focus for the project included six performances for more than 560 elementary school children, teachers and parents including underserved populations at the Mount Saint Vincent’s home for troubled children (March 9); a free public performance at Red Rocks Community College (March 15) as well as an invitation-only performance in association with RRCC’s Child Care Center (February 16), and three touring performances at Shelton Elementary (March 20), Mitchell Elementary (March 19) and Compass Montessori (March 21) schools in Golden and Wheat Ridge. All performances were held in Jefferson County.

In addition to the performances, ArtSmart held discussions with the audiences about the concept of what are friends for, anyway? The children in attendance referred to their own understanding in the discussions, as well as asked questions about the play itself, and the production process. These discussions indicated that the point(s) of the play were well received, and that there was additional learning in the subject of performing arts and play production. Also, the program for the performance featured the collaboration between West Side Live! Presents and RRCC ArtSmart as well as the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District logo of the blue bear on the front of the program.

Creede Rep Theater Outreach Program for Students - 2011

Thursday afternoon, October 13, 2011 at Compass Montessori in Wheatridge
Friday morning October 14, 2011 at Mitchell Elementary in Golden

Creede Repertory Theatre is a professional theatre company located in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. As the oldest repertory theatre in Colorado, CRT is proud to celebrate its 46th season this summer!